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#10 Reggae Beach

The closest nice beach to the town of San Antonio, the beach can be reached from the main town by taxi boat for 4 euros return. The reggae shack serves up delicious cocktails and BBQ jerk chicken with rice and peas. There are also water sports or wakeboarding if you are feeling adventurous or if you are feeling lazy and want to relax get a massage in the massage tent.

This beach is perfect for people staying in San Antonio who want to go somewhere local with everything you need.

LOCATION : San Antonio Bay

TOP TIP : If you are staying in San Antonio and want to save yourself a walk, jump on the taxi boat for only 4 euros return.

#9 Cala Gracioneta

This beautiful little cove is the little sister beach of Cala Gracio, just walking distance from San Antonio this beach is a little oasis close to the bustling port town. There is a charming little chiringuito on the beach that does delicious tapas and traditional Spanish dishes, but it is worth booking ahead to get a table as it can be quite busy. We would recommend getting here early in the day to secure yourselves a good spot.

LOCATION : Cala Gracio, 5 minutes from San Antonio

TOP TIP : Walk around the coast from the beach and you will find some popular local cliff jumps. Just make sure you ask a local first if it is the right spot!

#8 Cala Codolar

The beautiful beach of Cala Codolar is a well kept local secret, just 5 minutes down the road from the beautiful beach of Cala Comte this is a great option for those who prefer a beach with more space to themselves.

There is a cute little chiringuito on the beach which serves drinks and seafood snacks at very reasonable prices and it is only a few minutes walk from two very cool outdoor art installations that were commissioned by the Canadian billionaire and founder of cirque du soleit - Guy Laliberte. He built the art pieces on land next to his house that he doesn't own and without planning permission and received a record breaking 12 million euro fine from the Ibizan government, who decided to leave the art pieces after issuing the huge fine.

LOCATION : Sant Josep de Satalia (15 minutes drive from San Antonio)

TOP TIP : While you are there take a walk up the hill to see the amazing  outdoor art installations  called 'Space and Time'  for a great photo opportunity!

#7 Cala Xarraca

This stunning beach is one of the most isolated bays on the whole island, located in the rugged North of Ibiza close to the popular beach of Portinax, it is accessible by car but it is best to arrive early as parking is limited.  The beach is in a beautiful setting surrounded by pine tree forests and rugged red cliffs with a lovely family restaurant on the main beach which has been in the family for 3 generations and is rumored to serve the best Paella on the island.

The beach is divided in to 3 main areas, the main beach in the centre is the most popular with more secluded areas to both sides that are popular with local hippies and nudists. There is a rope swing in one of the little coves where you can take a beautiful picture over the pristine turquoise water. 

LOCATION : The North of Ibiza (5 mins from San Juan)

TOP TIP : To the left of the bay are some natural mud baths that are said to have natural healing properties and are great for your skin!

#6 Cala Bassa

If you are looking for crystal clear water and pristine white sands then this is the perfect beach for you. There is a large car park which is only 5 euros for the whole day so you don't have to worry about parking like you do at some of the smaller caletas around the island. The infamous Cala Bassa Beach Club runs the length of the beach so if you have the budget you can relax in a balinese bed all day listening to the DJ and drinking cocktails.

LOCATION : San Antonio Bay 

TOP TIP : If you are on a budget and cant afford the prices in the main beach club there is also a cafe at the end of the beach which serves drinks and snacks and is much more reasonably priced.

#5 Punta Galera

Not technically a beach but an area of flat shelves of rock by the sea, with beautiful crystal clear waters. Punta Galera is a local haunt for hippies and nudists to relax away from the busy tourist beaches. If you are feeling brave there are some cliff jumps that you can do here as well! There is an eccentric man who lives there in a cave selling natural remedies and potions and you will find local vendors who set up making shift mojito stalls on the rocks.

LOCATION : Sant Antonio (5 minutes drive from the centre)

TOP TIP : The road down to the rocks is very bad and full of large potholes, so it is a good idea to park near the top and walk down especially if you have a hire car you are worried about damaging.

#4 Cala Comte

This beautiful area is made up of 3 beaches, the main two are separated by a bohemian style Indian restaurant called sunset ashram. It is a lovely place to eat but worth booking ahead as it can get very busy. If you are feeling adventurous and fancy a short hike you can walk round the coast in 1 direction to discover an ancient watchtower or hike in the other direction to find a huge cave with steps going down to it, a perfect spot to have a picnic in the shade.

LOCATION : Sant Josep de Sa Talai 

TOP TIP :  Walk around the coast to where the taxi boat arrives and you will find a beautiful little cove with turquoise water. It is usually quieter here and you can go swimming from the jetty.

#3 Es Portixol​

This might just be the best hidden gem of Ibiza. Es Portixol is a stunning little cove in the North of the Island near San Miguel which is only accessible via a 45 minute walk along a narrow clifftop path with magnificent views. If you are looking for an easy beach day this probably isn't the one for you, but if you make the effort the reward is more than worth it. This is a great spot for snorkeling with crystal clear water and underwater trenches and valleys to explore.

LOCATION : The North of Ibiza (5 mins from San Juan)

TOP TIP : Take plenty of water with you for the hike as it can be thirsty work going back up especially in the height of summer.

#2 Cala Tarida

This is another main beach of Ibiza which is undoubtedly world class. One of the largest main beaches it is split in to two halves, Cala Tarida North and South. Both sides are equally stunning and there is a rocky outcrop on the north side that you can swim out to and jump off. If you are looking for some privacy there are lots of beautiful little bays and coves around here that you can treck round to. The beach is also home to the popular restaurant Cotton beach club where you can relax for the day with gourmet food and delicious cocktails

LOCATION : Sant Josep de Sa Talai

TOP TIP : If you are wanting to hike of the main beach and find a secluded little cove then make sure you are wearing proper footwear as some of the paths down to the smaller coves are difficult going or in some cases non existent.

#1 Cala Salada

Cala Salada is undoubtedly the most beautiful little beach on the whole island. Its made up of 2 beaches separated by a small clifftop. The more beautiful side of the beach is on the far side and so is worth the tricky hike over the rocks. There are a couple of small vendors selling mojitos and snacks on the beach who quickly run away if they see the police coming. There is a small cliff jump here but be careful as the water is shallow.

We would recommend avoiding this beach in high season as it is so crowded or arrive very early in the morning to secure yourself a good spot!

LOCATION : San Antonio (10 minutes drive from centre)

TOP TIP :  Arrive very early in peak season as they close the car park as soon as it gets full!