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Which resort should I stay in?

If you have never been to Ibiza before you may have the misconception that the island is just full of youngsters who have come for a party holiday, but the island is so much more diverse than that. With a range of ages and nationalities attracted to the island all seeking to enjoy the island in their own way, so whether you are looking for a sophisticated culture trip, a relaxing retreat, a family holiday or a mad party holiday you can find everything to fulfill all of your needs.

The key thing though is to find the right resort for you to match your needs or you could end up leaving Ibiza thinking that you picked the wrong destination. This is our guide to some of the main resorts in Ibiza and the advantages and disadvantages to each one! 

San Antonio

The home of the best sunsets on the island...

I should start with a disclaimer that this is a biased review as San Antonio is the place that we are lucky enough to call home! Many people who perhaps haven't been here in a long time have a serious misconception of San Antonio, it is stereotyped as a cheap party resort for British tourists. However over the last 10 years San Antonio has undergone a serious regeneration, with new beach clubs, 5 star hotels and licencing laws its now become a place where you can find whatever you need and arguably caters to meet a wider range of holidaymakers needs than any other resort on the island. 

There is the sunset strip with the infamous Cafe Mambo's and Cafe del Mar where you can watch the sunset in style or join the crowds on the beach waiting to welcome in the night with the traditional clapping at sunset. There are the world class beaches of Cala Bassa, Cala Comte and Cala Salada all within a short distance. There are countless activities, from boat trips, to go karting, scuba diving, to parasailing. So if you get bored just sitting by a pool all day you have countless fun options to fill your day. There are beach clubs and 5 star hotel pools, from the infamous O Beach to more relaxed pools like Wiki Woo and Amare, to family beach clubs like the new Bam Bu Ku. There are 5 star restaurant and there are menu del dias for 10 euros. There is also the notorious West End Strip, which is probably one of the causes of San Antonio's sometimes misconceived perception. This street of lively bars is the epicentre for tourists looking to party and go out without spending a fortune and in recent years has been under attack from the local counsel who feel that 'the strip' attracts the wrong kind of crowd to San Antonio. I couldn't disagree more as the vast majority of people who go there are just here to have a good time and enjoy themselves and it brings people to San Antonio when they are young party goers and keeps them coming back year after year when they realise that it has so much more to offer!

So my advice is don't be discouraged if you are coming on a family holiday or aren't on a party holiday. There are great hotels that cater to people looking for a quieter holiday and beautiful beaches and activities so that you can make the most of your time in Ibiza!

PROS : Beautiful local beaches, the sunset strip, beach clubs, huge range of activities and caters for a wide range of people!

CONS : The main beach is man made and not one of Ibiza's best, but it is only a short boat trip or walk to reach some world class beaches!

MUST DO THINGS : Watch the sunset on the sunset strip, party at O Beach, hire a boat for the day, go for Tapas!